LED Lighting Conversions

Every home and every business can reduce their lighting costs between 80% to 90% by simply switching to LED lighting. That’s why, we offer a haste free installation service where we install high quality, 100% recyclable LED lights that match the design of your home and even get rid of your old ones for you.

Due to our high volume of purchase from wholesale suppliers, we get unbeatable deals with LED lights, and provide this value to you in our installation service. Using these lights, you will get up to 100,000 hours of operation, and can rest assured that you won’t have to change these lights for the next decade, maybe two.

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Custom Home Solutions

We provide cutting edge sustainable energy solutions, customized for your home. With this service we inspect your house, and depending on your energy needs, tailor a hassle free project to green energy that gives you exactly what you want.

Our warranty, and the optional lifetime warranty and lifetime upgrade services, guarantee free maintenance as well as upgrades at a fractional cost of re-installation, enabling maximum benefits through the use of the latest technology. You will have true energy independence made easy after using our services.

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Commercial Solutions

We create customized commercial sustainable energy solutions for your business that pays for itself and boosts customer loyalty.

For all non-industrial “Green Companies” with an ethical outlook and strong sense of modern values, switching to sustainable and efficient energy is the most important action to take. When you take this step, you not only benefit from all our energy services, but also get a unique opportunity to engage your customers in a meaningful way through our social media.

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