HSE 415 Off-Grid Sustainable Energy Solution for Homes


HSE 415 is the ultimate sustainable energy solution for getting homes off the grid.

While the specific installations change from property to property, HSE 415 is designed to fulfil your every electrical demand at your current lifestyle and comfort level.

When we designed HSE 415, we focused on creating a long term sustainable energy solution that we could use in our own properties. It needed to be durable and long lasting, to create a secure heaven for our children, and even grandchildren.

We accomplish this by using state of the art solar panels, batteries as well as a long list of power efficiency options that provide the same quality of life with less energy consumption.

HSE 415 fits your energy needs and provides a clean, sustainable energy that matches your exact demands in order to bring you energy independence.

It is our personally favorite product that we are most attached to and the one we’ve designed for our own homes.

If you are living in a remote destination, or just want to make your home completely independent of the power system, take a serious look at HSE 415. The specs are listed below.

HSE 415 Off Grid Home Solution
Starting at $5999
4kW to 10kW solar panels
Optional 500W to 5kW wind turbines**
Optional Backup Natural Gas Generators
Battery capacity: 8 - 48 hours
Allows Net Metering
Pays Itself Back In: 4 to 9 years*


Claim Your Energy Independence!

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* Payback time depends on your overall energy consumption and the conditions of sunshine, wind and other environmental conditions in your area. Reducing your energy consumption with energy efficient appliances, natural gas heating, insulation, and LED lighting can dramatically decrease this quoted time period. Larger systems pay themselves back in shorter time. Payback times are calculated conservatively, assuming no net-metering and with the current energy prices in British Columbia. Energy prices in BC are one of the lowest in the world and rates are expected to rise, decreasing this payback time.

** Wind turbines are an optional add on and installation depends on environmental requirements.

# Availability of net metering depends on your power provider. Check with your local power provider for details.