HSE 315 On-Grid Sustainable Energy Solution for Business


HSE 315 is our entry level commercial sustainable energy solution.

Our goal with HSE 315 was to increase awareness of affordable sustainable energy. So we did everything in our power to make the most affordable and most viable sustainable energy product for commercial use.

With HSE 315 our hope was to empower businesses in leading their customers by example, and help them build deeper, more meaningful relationship with them by going green.

So we have created HSE 315 to provide clean, sustainable energy for any size commercial business using an on-grid net metering system.

By using the existing power infrastructure to your advantage, HSE 315 is designed to eliminate your power bill and provide you 24 hour, year round electricity without the use of batteries.

It simply creates electricity during sunshine hours, and uses the power grid at night. Any excess electricity you create is never wasted, but put back into the system, reversing the clock on your power consumption meter.

Depending on your setup, you may even get paid by the power companies (such as BC Hydro) for the excess electricity you produce.

If you’d like to make an environmentally conscious and sensible business investment that also boosts customer loyalty and gives your business a “green edge” over your competition, take a look at HSE 315.

HSE 315 On Grid Commercial Solution
Starting at $4999
2kW to 100kW solar panels
Allows Net Metering
Pays Itself Back In: 3 to 8 years*


Go Green & Prosper In Your Business!

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* Payback time depends on your overall energy consumption and the conditions of sunshine, wind and other environmental conditions in your area. Reducing your energy consumption with energy efficient appliances, natural gas heating, insulation, and LED lighting can dramatically decrease this quoted time period. Larger systems pay themselves back in shorter time. Payback times are calculated conservatively, assuming no net-metering and with the current energy prices in British Columbia. Energy prices in BC are one of the lowest in the world and rates are expected to rise, decreasing this payback time.

# Availability of net metering depends on your power provider. Check with your local power provider for details.