HSE 215 On-Grid Sustainable Energy Solution for Home


HSE 215 is our entry level residential sustainable energy solution.

We have created this package in BC to provide a long term, reliable solution for energy independence not only for you, but for your children and even grand-children.

The idea is to use the infrastructure of power companies in your favor, so that you can put power into “the grid” when your system is on, and draw from the grid, when your system is off.

Using the “net metering” service that most power companies (such as BC Hydro) offer, you will be able to reverse your energy consumption meter during the hours you produce electricity.

Based on this principle, we have designed HSE 215 to completely eliminate your power bill, but it does not stop there…

Depending on your energy consumption and weather conditions, you might get paid by your current power provider. While these checks are unlikely to become a full time income, its more than enough to treat yourself to a nice meal out, or pay your gym membership.

Most of our customers are utterly surprised to find out how affordable this system is.

Take a look below and see for yourself.

HSE 215 On Grid Home Solution
Starting at $1999
500W to 10kW solar panels
Allows Net Metering
Pays Itself Back In: 4 to 9 years*


Claim Your Energy Independence!

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* Payback time depends on your overall energy consumption and the conditions of sunshine, wind and other environmental conditions in your area. Reducing your energy consumption with energy efficient appliances, natural gas heating, insulation, and LED lighting can dramatically decrease this quoted time period. Larger systems pay themselves back in shorter time. Payback times are calculated conservatively, assuming no net-metering and with the current energy prices in British Columbia. Energy prices in BC are one of the lowest in the world and rates are expected to rise, decreasing this payback time.

# Availability of net metering depends on your power provider. Check with your local power provider for details.