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Homeowners can do very little outside of purchasing and installing LED lights in their homes to reduce their energy footprint, without utilizing the service of a licensed electrician. This is both due to safety reasons as well as legal regulations.

When this limitation is overcome by working with a licensed electrician, it is easy to switch to clean sustainable energies.

Switching to sustainable energy can not only completely eliminate your electric bill, it can even even allow you to charge the electric companies for power you put into the grid.

What makes this possible is the availability of new technologies. These technologies produce solar, wind and geothermal power at 2x to 4x efficiency compared to technologies that were available just a few years ago.

Using these latest technologies, we create a custom sustainable energy plan for your home. Based on your goals, we can create plans that reduce your bills, get you “off the grid” or even earn you some passive income.

Since the specifics differ from home to home, coming up with the right plan takes a visit from one of our licensed electricians as well as a short interview to identify your exact needs.

After this visit, you will have a customized sustainable energy plan for your home. In fact, you get to keep the plan and can chose to have it implemented some other time, or even by someone else!

Our job is to provide you with a definite plan to your energy independence using clean sustainable energies, and execute that plan in a seamless way without any inconvenience, noise or hassle in your home.

But we don’t want to stop there…

For all our customers we also offer the option to get lifetime upgrades on your customized solution. With this service, we will check up and upgrade your installation every year and make sure you are benefiting from the leading edge.

Our goal is to make sure that, as technology advances, you’ll never be left behind with older or inferior technology.

We make switching to sustainable easy, efficient and effortless.

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