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Green Energy Builds Your Social Currency and Pays for Itself!



In the hyper-connected modern world, the value of your business can be completely measured in social currency. And this is not just hearsay…

Just consider the fact that, as of September 2014, Facebook’s valuation peaked over $200 Billion. And the real reason Facebook is valued 128 times its profits, is due to the simple fact that Facebook is a channel to build social currency.

In today’s world, it’s no longer just about providing bargain goods or quality service. It’s about being the preferred choice, in a socially meaningful context. It’s about having your customers “like” you, because they like the way they do business.

And the most prominent socially meaningful context is environmental sustainability.

In fact, according to a recent 2012 study, 55% of consumers look for labeling that indicates environmental sensitivity. 20% of consumers endorse and refer green businesses. And staggering statistics show that by 2015, 60% of consumers will buy from businesses that are certified as green.

Becoming sustainable is no longer a choice for the affluent, but a must for business success.

Thankfully, the advent of technology allows for a much more cost effective transition to sustainable business practices than ever before – especially in the realm of sustainable energy.

Using cutting edge technologies, we create custom sustainable energy solutions for businesses and make this transition seamless and effortless. Our solutions not only give you energy independence, but can eliminate your power bills completely, and even make you additional income by feeding that power back to electric companies.

Due to these new developments, switching to green sustainable energy is no longer only the environmentally conscious thing to do, but also a sensible business investment.

This is because, sustainable energy both reduces your costs and gives you something meaningful to talk with your customers about. Going green raises your social currency more than any other Social Media effort.

Green business is good business, and if you are a business owner, this is a fact you must attentively consider to in today’s economic world.

We can help in this process. Since the specifics of a sustainable energy solution differ from business to business, coming up with the right plan takes some effort.

We make this easy with a visit from one of our licensed electricians as well as a short interview to identify your exact needs.

After this visit, you will have a customized sustainable energy plan for your commercial business. In fact, you get to keep the plan and can chose to have it implemented some other time, or even by someone else!

Our job is to provide you with a definite plan to your energy independence using clean sustainable solutions, and execute that plan in a seamless way without disrupting a second of your business.

But we don’t want to stop there…

We would also like to offer you the option to get lifetime upgrades on your customized solution. With this service, we will check up and upgrade your installation every year and make sure you are benefiting from the leading edge.

Our goal is to make sure that, as technology advances, you’ll never be left behind with older or inferior technology.

We make switching to sustainable easy, efficient and effortless. If you have already made the right business decision, or even have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Call us today (250) 862 2020 and let’s start our discussion!